Smoothie School Journey began when Ollie was on his 2019 summer holiday in the English countryside, Rutland the smallest county in England to be precise.

He discovered the app TikTok on holiday and was immediately hooked, he spent many an hour learning what this was all about.  He spent the majority of the holiday glued to his phone creating content and reaching out to other users on the platform.

Journey through seven months later Ollie had built a loyal digital community that follow Smoothie School on TikTok while developing a following on other social media platforms.  

Over the months he became a seed influencer creating content for niche UK and Australian start up companies such as the Ugly drinks and Nexba flavoured water beverage brands.  In addition working with chocolate and confectionary niche food brands.  

New to the world of influencers, he developed business relationships with social media content creation agencies, in-house brand content creators, global brand and community managers while collaborating with industry influencer marketers.

Smoothie School needed a home as social media platforms come and go over the years.

  1. Smoothie School Was Born
    June 2019

    Smoothie School creator Ollie has a passion for smoothies and starts to get creative on TikTok, sharing videos of his favourite delicious drinks.

  2. First Viral Video
    October 2019

    Smoothie School’s first viral video with this messy, super sweet, super simple, freakshake with Oreo, milk and Nutella!

  3. Ugly Drinks
    January 2020

    Ugly Drinks, the first of many collaborative brands that saw the potential in the creative content of Smoothie School.

  4. Nexba Beverages
    March 2020

    Another new, tasty soft drinks brand that we collaborated with. Smoothie School was starting to get awareness in the drinks market!

  5. Little Green Panda
    April 2020

    We were super excited when we started talking to Little Green Panda. They helped show us the way with the ever important issue of sustainability and provided us with some awesome eco-friendly, plastic-free straws!

  6. Website Launches
    August 2020

    After 8 months of development we launch our website to share our smoothie recipes with you.