Best Blenders for Perfect Smoothies 2020

A good blender is vital to making the perfect smoothie. Sometimes they do even more!

At Smoothie School I’ve seen many blenders, from little, on the go blenders to big professional ones that you tend to only find in coffee shops to make those Iced Lattes!

I have laid out some of my favourite blenders that I’ve come across in recent times, judged them and given them an overall Smoothie School Score (try saying that quickly!)

Ninja Duo 2-in-1 Blender 

Start as you mean to go on I say! This extremely powerful blender is great for making those smooth, cool, creamy iced lattes I mentioned. The ones that you need to grind up ice and really test the blades! This is a pretty professional blender and isn’t for the faint hearted at almost £120! Although big on price, it delivers, with 1500w to blend up your ingredients!

Breville Blend

This perfect personal sized blender is great for those active types, as it blends straight into the bottle! Great for those that just want to put the fruit in, blend and away you go and worry about the washing up later! The price is pretty attractive too at only £18.99. However this blender isn’t so good if you want to bulk make your favourite smoothies for the week!

NUTRiBULLET Magic Bullet

Onto the big blender brands. Nutribullet is a favourite of mine and this Magic Bullet is perfect for making those think, full of fruit smoothies. Although only able to make 0.6l of that smoothie goodness at a time and with only 200watts of power behind it, this blender is perfect for just getting started into the adventurous world of smoothie making. However I do recommend something with a bit more oomph. It does come with some handy attachments though and at under £40 it’s not a bad price. But spend a little more for a lot more blender!

NUTRiBULLET 600 Series

Back to the brands! This NutriBullet is my favourite smoothie maker. It comes with a few attachments, is big enough to make a few smoothies, got power behind it with 600watts and is a great price to get you going and start creating awesome smoothies! This is a great price at under £60! Like I said, spend a little more, get a lot more maker!

Homegeek Blender

Into the big blender boys! The not-so-well-known blender brand makes this blender less appealing and at just under £100 it’s a difficult investment to make for the amateur smoothie maker. However, this exciting piece of equipment is great if you love those iced lattes and thick smoothie shakes with plenty of ice to keep you cool. The Homegeek blender is a whopping 2000watts and holds a huge 2l of smoothie goodness. Perfect for that smoothie preparation that you will be thankful of! However, make sure you have the space for this massive piece of equipment!

Homgeek Personal Mini Blender

aThis is another great blender for the active smoothie drinkers. The small size is perfect for a blend and go kind of lifestyle as it makes the perfect 500ml portion. It doesn’t take up much room in the kitchen either but at only 300 Watts, this blender is better for soft fruits and little pieces. The price makes this more attractive for users though at only £23.99! Not a bad choice unless you’re keen to bulk blend!

Bud Portable Blender

As far as quirky, fun, novel blenders go, this is pretty high up the list. Smoothies are becoming a thing of the future with inspirational ingredients and colourful concoctions , so this little device is great for experimenting with ingredients as a one off but not great for us serious smoothie makers. For the size and capabilities, £25.99 makes this little device a steep purchase, but great if you want to be the quirky member of the office.

Topspitgo Mini Portable Blender

Another little quirky contraption to add to the list. This USB charging on the go blender is great to make fresh smoothies on the go, but isn’t in a ready to drink container. And, like the other portable little blenders, it can only do small pieces of fruit and makes a tiny 38ml of smoothie. Not great for us at smoothie school as we like to go big! Not too much of a sting at just less than £20 though. A great little starter smoothie maker.

Vitamix Professional Series 300

The big gun. The professional blender. Approach with caution. This big brand name comes with big power and a big price tag. At a whopping £449 this beast is perfect for the avid blender, from iced lattes and green iced teas to smooth delicious summer smoothies and milkshakes. Definitely recommend this if you are super into your smoothies and have a big kitchen as this spectacular piece of machinery will take up half your kitchen!

So that’s just a snippet of some of our favourite blenders here at smoothie school. There are loads of others to choose from too so let us know what you go for and let us know how it is!