What is a Freakshake?

While the primary smoothie ingredients are fruit and natural yoghurt, a Freakshake turns the concept on its head and offers something completely different!

Created in a small cafe in Canberra in Australia in 2016, the smoothie ingredients for a Freakshake include a milkshake base and the likes of chocolate, whipped cream, ice cream and a selection of goodies such as pastries or cookies. This is in no way a thirst-quenching smoothie, a Freakshake is for those with an epic sweet tooth and it’s highly recommended that you share it with a friend!

The first week the Freakshake launched, the cafe only sold one and the owners weren’t sure it would take off. But within the first month, they became a sales sensation and enjoy success virally, with images spreading across Instagram like wildfire. The beauty of a Freakshake is that it is entirely down to the individual in terms of what you add to it – as long as you pile it high with lots of naughtiness, the choice is yours!

Once you’ve got your basic milkshake base, here are a few additional ingredient ideas you could add to make your Freakshake unforgettable:

Nutella – Everyone loves the rich, smooth taste of chocolatey Nutella.

Sprinkles – Always great for bringing a bit of colour!

Pretzels – Add some saltiness to your Freakshake as a contrast to all the sweetness.

Iced coffee – The perfect addition if you’re a fan of a Frappucino.

Coconut milk – Ideal if you want to add a slightly tropical twist to your shake.

Donuts – Yes, that’s right. It is possible to add a whole donut to your Freakshake. Just position it carefully on top as your pièce de résistance!

Candy floss – Soft, pink, fluffy candy floss will make your Freakshake instantly more Instagrammable.

Cake – Whether it’s a cake pop or a small slab of cake, you can add some to your shake if you fancy it.

The more you add to it, the better it looks. Think of all your favourite sweet treats and enjoy your own bespoke creation!

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