When’s the best time to drink a smoothie?

Smoothies are great at any time, but mixing up a delicious blend could work wonders at certain points during the day. Choosing the right ingredients for certain occasions can be really good for your energy levels and nutritional intake, giving you an easy to make energy boost just when you need it.

So when are the best times to treat yourself to a gorgeous, vitamin and nutrient-packed smoothie?

Breakfast Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to kick-start your day! Choosing something with a higher carbohydrate content will give you the slow-release energy you need to get going, especially if you can add in some protein and healthy fats. For that reason, fruit is a great base ingredient, to which you could add some nuts, seeds and protein powder, for a smoothie which delivers on all you need.

Pre-workout Smoothies

You need your energy levels up to maximum before you go for a run or hit the gym for a workout. You need carbohydrates to fuel your muscles and keep your endurance up, and some of the protein which will help repair your muscles as you’re working out and immediately after. You could try a blend of oatmeal and berries, or mix apple and peanut butter for a really tasty shot of energy!

Smoothies for dessert

Especially if you’re on a weight loss diet, replacing all those fattening cakes and chocolates with a sweet smoothie could make a real difference. Smoothies fill you up whilst delivering vast quantities of valuable nutrients, so you’re less likely to reach for the snack drawer and have something less healthy. Fruit has natural sweetness, while pistachio nuts contain lots of melatonin, which helps your body clock stay regular and could help you sleep. Just the thing at the end of a long day!

You can find all sorts of delicious smoothie recipes at Smoothie School, ideal for whipping up any time of the day or night. Taken at intervals, smoothies can keep your energy levels consistent throughout the day as well as keeping you feeling fuller for longer. Have fun exploring our smoothie ingredients, and get creative!