Blackberries are a favourite for jams, crumbles and other guilty pleasures. But blackberries don’t need to be mixed with spoonfuls of sugar to taste good. With each berry delivering a burst of dark and full flavours, they are perfect for smoothies.

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The history of the blackberry

While it may look like a humble fruit, the blackberry actually boasts a long and storied history, being used for everything from pie filling to weapons! Blackberries have been used in the Western world for over 2000 years. They can be found all over, however, including Europe, Central Asia, Northern Africa, and both North and South America. Archaeologists in Denmark have identified traces of the fruit in the stomach of an ice age women. Romans and Greeks used this unique berry to treat gout, relieve sore throats and prevent colds, showing just how useful this super fruit really is! Today, blackberries are often used in desserts such as pies and tarts, adding a sour but sweet taste to any dish.

Health benefits

Blackberries are packed with health benefits and are one of the most healthy fruits out there! Every single blackberry is full of vitamin C, one of the most important and essential vitamins. It is used in the repair of the body’s tissue, maintaining the immune system and the absorption of iron./

Blackberries are also high in fibre and manganese, both of which are essential components to leading a healthy lifestyle. Recent research has also shown how one cup of blackberries every morning can help increase overall brain health, improving performance in exams and at work. Many people incorporate blackberries into their daily diets, providing energy and health benefits throughout the day.

In smoothies

Blackberries are one of the most popular ingredients in smoothies. Not only do they provide a deeply appealing dark hue to the colour of the smoothie, but they also add a sharpness that other fruits do not. Due to the complex nature of the fruit, using blackberries in smoothies also adds a subtle sweetness to the drink, complementing other fruits exceptionally well. Blackberries are an excellent choice to add to smoothies, pairing excellently with apples and bananas. They’re a great addition to any smoothie!

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Smoothies containing Blackberries