Apple, Strawberry & Mango Smoothie

Apple, Strawberry & Mango Smoothie in a glass with a branded bamboo straw from Little Green Panda. Photograph.

This Apple, Strawberry & Mango Smoothie is an absolute classic of a drink as it is so packed with fruit it really gives you a good boost towards your 5-a-day!

Kids absolutely love this smoothie as the strawberry makes it taste really sweet. This delicious drink also makes for a great crowd pleasure at a party.




Makes: 1 serving
Preparation Time: 5 minutes



  1. Chop your ingredients, Blend until smooth, Serve and enjoy

Top Tips

If you find the smoothie a bit too thick then add a bit more yoghurt until you are happy with it. Serve with a a sliced strawberry on the side of the glass for full party presentation!

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