An Apple a Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

Or so the tale goes…

Apples are one of the most popular fruits in the world with over 8000 varieties in all colours and sizes. These are also an extremely historic fruit being favoured by the ancients Greeks and considered a luxury by the Romans. There’s also the story that the apple aided in the development of the law of gravity!

That’s a lot of good press for the little fruit!

Today apples are still just as popular and are grown around the globe, with China being one of the biggest producers of apples.

One Apple is considered to be 1 of our 5-a-day intake of fruit and veg and the apple provides many other health benefits. Including the argument that apples can help reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and other conditions.

Apples also provide the basis for a great smoothie! After it’s blended, the apple makes the smoothie so juicy and sweet with the subtle bitterness of the skin. Blending it with Mango, water and ice makes for the perfect refreshing smoothie for the summer!

  • Jan In season in January
  • Feb In season in February
  • Mar Not in season in March
  • Apr Not in season in April
  • May Not in season in May
  • Jun Not in season in June
  • Jul Not in season in July
  • Aug Not in season in August
  • Sep In season in September
  • Oct In season in October
  • Nov In season in November
  • Dec In season in December

Smoothies containing Apples