Honey – The All-Natural Sweetener


This naturally sweet ingredient is great for adding to food to take the bitterness out. It’s always something every household is bound to have somewhere in their cupboards. And the best part is…


It never spoils.


So no matter how long it has been at the back of storage, it will always be a great ingredient to add to your smoothie. This is because it is made up of 80% sugar and 20% water.


The facts about honey just go on as bees have been producing the sweet goodness for millions of years. It was also considered a commodity in medieval times with peasants being made to make payment in the sticky stuff!


Due to the purity of honey, the price ranges from supermarket cheap to outrageously, royalty-only honey! Elvish honey is considered the most expensive honey at around €5000 per kilo!


Honey in smoothies is delicious as it really adds another level of sweetness.

Smoothies containing Honey