Mango, Pineapple & Tequila Smoothie

This Mango, Pineapple & Tequila Smoothie would go down well at a summer party with the tequila giving the drink a kick making you come back for more. The tequila flavour is dominated by smoked oak, vanilla, caramel, and spices.

You could say this drink is a hybrid between a cocktail and a smoothie, you can be the judge of that.

This smoothie is cheap and easy to make with the base ingredients being pineapples and mangoes. If you are unable to get access to fresh produce tinned pineapple and mangoes would be fine.

Pineapples are loaded with nutrients, they contain disease-fighting antioxidants and its enzymes can help with digestion. Mangoes help promote a healthy gut, boosts the immune system and promotes eye health.

Makes: 1 serving
Preparation Time: 5 minutes


  • Pineapple, 2 cups
  • Mango, 1/2 cup
  • Tonic Water, 2 cups
  • Tequila, 2 ounces


  1. Chop your ingredients, Blend until smooth, Serve and enjoy

Top Tips

Follow our how to guide for the best way to prepare your pineapple!

Careful with the Tequila! It can be enough to ruin someone’s morning after the night before!

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