Melon, Grape & Coconut Smoothie

This melon, grape and coconut smoothie is a great breakfast addition to a bowl of steaming porridge in the winter months.

The fruitiness of this smoothie takes the sting out of the gloomy cold winter mornings. Taking you to the Caribbean at breakfast time!

To make it even more adult, add in some of your favourite mixed seeds and flaxseed to give you added nutritional benefits of Omega 3.

This is a great breakfast smoothie to have with a bowl of porridge in the cold winter months. If you make the smoothie thick enough you can mix some into the porridge for a creamy texture. Mixed seeds and flaxseed can be added to give you the benefits of omega 3 that can be found in these ingredients.

Makes: 1 serving
Preparation Time: 5 minutes



  1. Chop your ingredients, Blend until smooth, Serve and enjoy

Top Tips

This smoothie will make for quite a runny texture, so if desired, add a bit of natural yoghurt to thicken up!

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